The Next Global Economic Superpowers 
by Carrie Kellenburger
NORCs may be the places that will carry us into the future. 

Nowadays, it's common knowledge that every country around the world will suffer as a result of global warming. While it's impossible to predict the devastating effects, you might be surprised to learn that some countries might not be as badly affected as others.

Known as NORCs, northern rim countries have a lot to gain from a warmer climate. These include Canada, Russia, the northern US, as well as the Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland. By the year 2050, these countries are predicted to be the world's economic superpowers thanks to global warming. 
日漸溫暖的氣候環境對環北極國家(簡稱 NORCs)帶來了不少好處。這些國家包含加拿大、俄羅斯、美國北部以及位於斯堪地納維亞半島的丹麥、挪威、瑞典、芬蘭和冰島。由於地球暖化,到 2050 年這些國家預期會成為世界的經濟強權。
As climates change and temperatures rise, valuable natural resources such as oil, natural gas, and fresh water will be released. This will happen because the frozen tundra of the north will have begun to melt. As these resources become more readily available, more trading and shipping lanes will be opened, which facilitates these resources getting to other regions of the world quicker. In addition to an increase in natural resources, scientists believe that NORCs will be among the few countries in the world that are  likely to see an increase in crop production. All of these changes will attractmore immigrants to these countries and make the residents that are currently living there much wealthier.
  A new part of the world is emerging, and many people will be looking towards the NORCs as attractive destinations. These countries will offer hope and perhaps even a solution to global issues, such as rising populations, climate change, and the higher demand for resources. The negative impact of global warming cannot be ignored. However, the potential benefits for the future of our civilization are certainly something to look forward to. 
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